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Couples’ Health Across Adulthood Study

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, this project explores how life with a partner may affect physical health through changes to the immune and cardiovascular systems. We hope to gain knowledge that could inform future interventions to benefit the health of couples.  To qualify for the study participants must:

    • Have been living together as a couple for at least three years
    • Be aged 25 or older
    • Be English-speaking
    • Not be currently pregnant or breastfeeding

Two study visits are required, and weekend time slots are available. During both visits, you will answer a variety of questions about your thoughts, feelings, positive and negative personal life experiences with COVID-19 and in general, demographic information, physical health, mental health, medications, diet, physical activity, personality, relationship with your partner, and other social relationships. In addition, to taking surveys you will also be asked to take part in several different conversations with your partner. Throughout each visit, we will be collecting physical and health-related information using a variety of different methods, such as using a heart monitor and completing physical tasks. Participants who complete the study will be compensated for their time. The consent forms below describe more about the study protocols and procedures.

Interested in participating?

Consent Forms:

CARE Study Consent Form

COVID-19 Consent


Participant Testimonials:

“When [my partner] and I were invited to participate in this study we thought; “Oh Well, it will just be some kind of discussion around a table” BUT it was so much more.  During the lab time, we found ourselves involved in deep discussions about what our relationship meant to each other.  We came away learning more about our partner and the value of our marriage.
It was a relaxed atmosphere and a unique and enjoyable experience.”
“I was honored to take part in the CARe Study at SMU. It was very informative; the Teammates were thoughtful and efficient throughout the process. I look forward to reading about the ultimate findings of the “study”.”

*All videos were granted explicit permission for the SHARE lab to use by participants*